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Cancer Control Research Center:

Founded in 2019, the Cancer Control Research Center is a non-governmental research center affiliated to the Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS). We address fundamental scientific issues in cancer control through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary high-quality basic and clinical cancer research and collaborative studies with other national and international peers.


Vision statement

In addition to developing high quality evidence-based guidelines and undertaking research studies related to different aspects of cancer control, including cancer registration, prevention, early detection, treatment and palliative care, the Cancer Control Research Center plans to coordinate and standardize cancer-related best practices and research initiatives across the country.


Mission statement

We conduct high quality research programs to address global knowledge gaps relating to cancer and improve the health of all people.

We collaborate with many national and international cancer researchers and health care professionals.

We provide high quality training programs designed for and dedicated to producing competent physicians and research assistants.



In order to accelerate, consolidate and promote cancer control in the community with a research strategy, the Cancer Control Research Center was established to meet the following objectives:

1- Production of useful knowledge, development of valid experiences, and applying them in the control of cancer.

2- Undertaking studies and other research programs in the field of reliable statistics and information, cancer registration, and developing related information and communication technologies.

3- Undertaking research in the field of descriptive and analytical epidemiology, especially primary prevention and reduction of cancer risk, early diagnosis and screening.

4- Creating opportunities and supporting educational programs for training specialized human resources and support and facilitate networking cancer research at national, regional and international levels.

5- Undertaking investigative research in the field of improving health care systems through discovering new diagnostic and treatment approaches.

6- Developing knowledge and producing technology related to the cancer field and improving the quantity and quality of scientific publications.

7- Developing innovative health and independence jobs, career opportunities, and programs in the field of cancer research

8- Developing substantive strategies to promote empowering research relations between Iranian, domestic and international institutions and organizations through the support of joint cancer research programs.

9- Proposing appropriate solutions based on experiences and research to governmental and non-governmental authorities to promote cancer control

10 –Undertaking and supporting cancer research initiatives in the field of clinical, pharmaceutical and traditional medicine, palliative care, basic research (molecular, genetics, personalized medicine, genomics, and so on), complementary medicine, alternative medicine and new diagnostic and treatment methods

11- Encouraging researchers of national, domestic and international research centers to publish and document their scholarly works and technical contributions related to the manufacture of drugs, devices, equipment and diagnostic, therapeutic and palliative tools.



National Collaborators:


International Collaborators:


Research Interests:

Cancer Epidemiology

Cancer Nutrition

Cancer Biology

Cancer Genetics

Cancer Registry

Clinical Research

Health Policy in Cancer

Research Priorities:

Lung cancer, Breast Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Malignant Melanoma, Sarcoma

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